Digital Oil Field Transformation in North Kuwait Oil Fields

With new technology rapid advancements, Digital Transformation of Oil Field is now the preferred approach — with sensors on all relevant equipment mobility of applications, intelligence in automation, and optimization of production operations and field management in real time.

Previously in North Kuwait oil fields, well data was captured manually by going to individual well sites on a regular basis. This led to delay in taking any actions as the well data analysis would be done once
it reaches control room.


Bright Gulf has made North Kuwait oil fields
undergo digital transformation. The digitalization for
110 wells involved deployment of 12 solar-powered
RTU skids with a built-in HMI for manual intervention.


Each RTU skid catered to communicate to 6-9 wells
wirelessly using Long Range (LoRa) wireless
communication transmitters. WiMAX units were
placed at each RTU to enable data transfer to the
KOC SCADA Server. Sending real time sensor data
every minute led to monitor well performance,
surveilling well for optimum production and prolonging well pump life. The collection of real time well sensor data supports Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning processes such as Well Failure Predictions, Trip Detections etc.


With this high-efficiency wireless system in place,
quick operational responses can be taken along with
preventive maintenances measures.


Our objective was to successfully implement Digital
Oil Field technologies, systems and solutions to
increase the value in terms of improved safety,
efficiency, operational and business performance
in Kuwait.


With the new Industry 5.0 trending, the system provided the optimal balance of efficiency and
productivity merging both human capabilities and machine intelligence.