Improved Oil Recovery using Biological Enzymes

This technology lowers Interfacial Tension (IFT), Changes Wettability & Mobilizes Trapped Oil.

This chemical technology is a water based, inert, enzyme molecule concentrate that facilitates the change of adhesion behavior affecting Polar & Viscous Forces of attached crude by adsorbing into the substrate surface. Enzyme Fluid Technology is a Hydrocarbon Separator Solution that increases the mobility of oil and reservoir fluids.

Improves Current

Oil Well Production


Increases Ultimate

Recovery factor


Extends Production

Life of Oil Fields



GreenZyme® EEOR solution catalyzes reactions between the oil, the rock formation and water.

Acting on Polar Forces, it has been proven to reduce Interfacial Tension and change Wettability to Mobilize remaining oil.

GreenZyme® changes the adhesion behavior of oil to non-adhesion, prompting oil to slide off formation rock or sand. Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly.


Compatible with Single Wells – Waterflooding Systems – WAG – Steam – Heavy Oil – SAGD – Smart Water

Mature wells with a continuous decline in recent years. Wells with clogging or problems and/or accelerated increase in the water cut. New wells with rapid decline in production.

Environments of high temperature & any salinity.

Restricted wells due to paraffin build up, formation damage, low permeability due to mobility of oil.

Technology Benefits


Studies contemplate the return towards mature fields by means of IOR/EOR recovery, due to the cost effective applications of these technologies vs non-conventional and deep water production. Mature Field are ready to provide extra production.


Mature fields are located in accessible regions surrounded by necessary equipment and available infrastructure for GreenZyme treatment, creating oil well intervention opportunities that require less resources, ultimately reduce cost while providing a quick impact of production.


Water Based Additive is not affected by pH level, Salinity, & Temperature in the formation. It provides a solution to the presence of heavy oil paraffins, naphthatenes, asphaltenes, and/or sulfur in any amount. Immune to the presence of chemicals, ASP, Metallic Ions & Radio-active isotopes. GreenZyme is NOT a solvent.