Specialty Chemical Technologies

Supply of proven Water Shut Off chemicals, Nano Techology fluids and more

Chemical Injection Optimization

Real time chemical injection systems based on real time well sensors

Onsite Water Sample Testing

Innovative water analysis kit to support real time decision making onsite

Real Time Well Failure Predictions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning based models designed to predict upcoming well failures

Wireless Monitoring Systems

Upgrading existing wired communications with wireless solutions 

Real Time Asphaltene Analyzer

Analyzer installed on well flowline for prediction of asphaltene built-up

Meet Our CEO

Abdulrahman Al Hajeri serves as the CEO and Founder of Bright Gulf, a company specializing in Oil and Gas Solutions. The company’s primary focus is on modernizing the energy sector through digital transformation. Established in 2014, Bright Gulf has enjoyed continuous growth over the years.

The company is at the forefront of technological advancements in the oil and gas sector in Kuwait. They have incorporated artificial intelligence to predict pump failures, utilized nanotechnology to optimize oil well operations, and employed IoT devices for real-time monitoring of all wells.

One of Bright Gulf’s significant achievements involves the digitalization of the North Kuwait oil fields, a project encompassing a total of 110 oil wells.

Our Partners

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