adjusted trial balance example

Raw materials, work in progress, and final goods are all included on a broad level. Now that we’ve answered, what is the purpose of a trial balance, it’s important to learn how to create one. For example, salaries and wages payable, interest payable, and more. Nowadays, many software is available that makes it very easy to prepare adjusted TB, such as AccountEdge Pro, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 50cloud accounting, etc. For the preparation of adjusted trial balance, there are mainly two ways. Refer to transactions that are not yet earned or incurred during the period being reported.

Such a type of presentation makes the financial statements more organized and easier to relate to. Moreover, adjusted trial balance example it makes it easier for the managers to evaluate the impact of every adjustment on the financials.


If an account has a zero balance, there is no need to list it on the trial balance. Both ways are useful depending on the site of the company and chart of accounts being used. As with all financial reports, trial balances are always prepared with a heading. Typically, the heading consists of three lines containing the company name, name of the trial balance, and date of the reporting period. Hence, it is beneficial for big companies to adjust many entries. It also ensures that entries are done correctly; if balances entered into financial statements are incorrect, the financial statements themselves will be inaccurate, and the total must be equal.

adjusted trial balance example

In addition, the adjusted trial balance can be used to identify any errors that may have been made when preparing the financial statements. For example, if the total of the debit column and credit column in the adjusted trial balance does not match, it would indicate that there is an error in the financial statements.

Format of Adjusted Trial Balance

While you can create an adjusting trial balance manually, or by using spreadsheet software, it’s far easier to do so when using accounting software. Here are some of The Ascent’s top picks for creating an adjusted trial balance. As you can see by the adjusted trial balance example above, some of the account totals have now been updated. In this example, the adjusted trial balance shows the changes that affected both the rent and depreciation accounts. Note that only active accounts that will appear on the financial statements must to be listed on the trial balance.

What relation does an adjusted trial balance have to the general ledger?

Both the unadjusted and the adjusted trial balance are listings of the ending balances of all of your general ledger accounts.